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Example of ECA Reports

Above, are examples of two showers installed by EPEB. Contact us today for your new shower installation!! We offer a wide range of showers, from the bog standard shower to the more advanced and high tech showers. Even one's with Remote Controls! A remote for your shower, the future is brilliant! 

<--- This is an example of our pipework. A customer had a gas leak in the pipework leading from her gas meter in to the property. We found the pipework to be badly damaged so re repiped everything and this was the result.

Blocked External Manhole (after)


Blocked External Manhole (before)


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Have a look at our work....


Here, you will find pictures of work carried out by our engineers. These will vary from unblocking external drains to installing electric showers. All work is carried out to a certain standard and has to meet a strict set of criteria before any work is signed off. We will always make sure you are happy with the level of work recieved before leaving site. 

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